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AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

60 Things We Didin’t Know About Waconzy

  1. Waconzy’s Real Names are Kelvin Obinna Superman Kenneth formerly known as Anyanwu Obinna Kelvin
  2. The name Waconzy is a blend of two English words ‘Wacko and Zany” which describes his musical/lyrical delivery.
  3. Waconzy started music as a rapper. He was initially influenced by 2pac, bonethugs and Dr dre.
  4. His first demo song was recorded in 1997 at Kubikle recording studios owerri. The song featured SouthEnds and was produced by BM and Bruno.
  5. He calls his style of music ‘Word Music’ because he also fuses other international genres to his afrocentric style of music. A lot of people call him an Afro Soul musician while others call him an Afro Pop musician.
  6. His female Celebrity crush is Rihanna
  7. Waconzy is also known as ‘supaman’ ‘Awah’ and “prince of Abia state”. A lot of people mistake is name for Wacomzy. Its Waconzy joor.. N not M…lol
  8. Waconzy rose to prominence in 2010 with his ever green hit song “I Celebrate (Iworiwoh)” which sold platinum
  9. Waconzy is the MD/CEO of his Music label Dv8 Media (a subsidiary of Dv8 Innovations international).
  10. He is also into Oil and Gas, Importation of cars, exportation of Agricultural products, computers, inverters and event solutions. He is a confirm igbo man..lol
  11. Waconzy cut his dreadlocks because according to him “CEOs don’t keep dreadlocks” …is that true??
  12. Waconzy is a native of Umuahia in Abia state. .Alot of people think he is from Ikwerre, Rivers state. When asked, he says “Port Harcourt is my second village and I love the people and their culture”. He also speaks ikwerre language fluently
  13. Waconzy was born in Braithwaite memorial hospital (BMH) Port Harcourt august 10 1983.
  14. Waconzy was raised mainly by his mother with support from his aunty named Lillian.
  15. He is the 3 son from a very large family.
  16. Due to family issues, Waconzy had to move to the village after he was born where he lived under the guidance of his late grandparents. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.
  17. Few years later, he returned to Port Harcourt and had his Primary School Education in Total Child Nursery and Primary school Port Harcourt. Rivers state.
  18. Waconzy was unable to speak English when he returned to Port Harcourt. But he quickly caught up.
  19. Waconzy had his secondary school education at the prestigious Bereton College Port Harcourt (now Titare academy) and later moved to Government college owerri where he completed his secondary school education in 1999.
  20. In year 2000, Waconzy gained admission into the prestigious Federal University of Technology Owerri and graduated in 2005 with a bachelor of technology in project Management.
  21. Waconzy is a Project management Professional (PMP) degree holder. He attended project management institute America.
  22. Waconzy has his NYSC service in Markurdi, Benue state in 2006. He served as a secondary school teacher.
  23. Waconzy has collaborated with Truth Hurts [USA], BankyW, Timaya, Faze, Duncan Mighty, Naeto C and lots more.
  24. Waconzy is a big time philanthropist. he has in the past paid and sponsored tuition fees for over 500 primary school pupils.
  25. Waconzy has Fed over a thousand destitute in one day
  26. Waconzy launched the Waconzy VS Malaria – Zero tolerance campaign which is primarily aimed at fighting the menace of malaria in Africa. He has distributed over 6500 mosquito nets and anti-malaria drugs
  27. His fleet of cars includes a 2013 Mercedes e class, 2013 Range Rover sport, 2013 BMW X6, 2009 Range Rover sport and he recently bought couple of new cars.
  28. He released his first album – I CELEBRATE march 2011.
  29. His second album MONEY BACK GUATANTEE is his favorite album and it was released under his DV8 label in March 2013
  30. He bought his first car in 2008, a Honda odyssey
  31. Waconzy made his first million same year 2008.
  32. Waconzy has no tattoo. He dislikes tattoos.
  33. He loves ear rings but only wears them occasionally.
  34. Waconzy is very spiritual. He is a born again Christian. He loves God.
  35. Waconzy plans to turn to a pastor in due time because he has a calling.
  36. Since the release of his ever green Hit Song “I Celebrate”, Waconzy has had an incredible string of hit songs which includes Jangolova, 2 much money, wedding day, Celebrate remix, Amosu, My money dey talk, Club on Fire, Ikebe super and chuku Chuku.
  37. Waconzy has a great stage performance and presence. He is very energetic on stage.
  38. Waconzy is a very funny guy. He can do very well as a comedian. He is sometimes referred as chief lucky ekwutos.
  39. Unlike what you might think, Waconzy is a very simple down to earth guy.
  40. His favorite fashion accessory is a stud-earring. He has over 15 Expensive Stud-Earrings including 2 diamond earrings.
  41. His favorite meal is boiled Yam and egg sauce
  42. Waconzy has survived couple of fatal road accidents where people died But he never had a scratch
  43. His Shoe Size is 43/44, His Height is 5ft 7in, His Favorite Color/Number is Red/8
  44. His favorite performance was in Club DNA Amsterdam and Calabar carnival
  45. His Role Model is Jay Z
  46. Waconzy has been nominated/won over 12 awards including the city people awards, Odudu awards, Niger Delta Advancement awards, FACE awards, Blue prints awards,New Media awards.
  47. Waconzy’s Music has been featured on CNN international.
  48. Waconzy has performed in over 20 countries round the world which include Malaysia, Germany, Serria Leone, United states, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Italy, Austria, Nigeria, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Nigeria and many more.
  49. Waconzy doesn’t keep much friends. He is abit of a loner.
  50. His Favorite Nigerian male Musician 2face and Timaya.
  51. His Favorite Nigerian female Musicians. Waje, Tiwa Savage,Nneka and Omawumi
  52. His Favorite Nigerian actor is Victor Osuagwu
  53. Favorite female musician foreign -Rihanna and Beyonce.
  54. My major weakness – lack of patience and he procrastinates a lot.
  55. Favorite Book is the bible.
  56. Waconzy is not a womanizer.
  57. Waconzy once recorded a song with Naeto C that was never released.
  58. Waconzy was born and brought up in port Harcourt but now fully based in lagos but frequents port Harcourt on a regular basis.
  59. Waconzy can give away his last cash and leave himself stranded. He gives to a fault.
  60. Waconzy once recorded a song with Timaya that was never released

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