Kcee has Done It Again (Photos) - AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kcee has Done It Again (Photos)

Kcee attended DJ Jimmy Jatt’s 25th anniversary celebration in Lagos, Nigeria on Aug 17th wearing a brightly colored purple and gold striped kaftan that had accents of white and gold on the cuffs and collar. I’m guessing the colors were to provide a ‘regal’ effect.

Even if you want to wear something of this kind, why must it be extremely dramatic? Una no see Tuface sleek kaftan looks? Kcee, please tell me how the random long gold chains come into play and how the Arabian inspired head wrap is used to accent this look?

Then the ever so ‘thick’ rubber slippers you managed to leave your house with is for what reason? Finally, somebody please tell celebrities to stop wearing sunshades indoors! Your futures will remain bright just the same.

What is going on? Last week kcee rocked a pink and black remixed outfit (see Below) and this week he is looking straight up confused in his highly embellished outfit. I feel like he is now doing this on purpose.

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