Sweats Of The Nigerian Upcoming Musicians #BeHeardBeSeen - AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sweats Of The Nigerian Upcoming Musicians #BeHeardBeSeen

 The struggle of the gifted Nigerian upcoming musicians to limelight; is quite touching a bitter & hurtful “swallow spit in fire” situation. It draws tears to the corners of my eyes. cos lot of real raw talents have perished in the “No Encouragement” red sea. If you ain’t feeling there pain, then you must have turned your headphones so loud in order not ear their cries.
Nowadays there are lots of musical talents, we don’t know who is who. I think the ratio of real gifted talents is 15% and 85% goes to the “faked talents” who just wanna make noise, bore you, make your stomach turn & kill your love for good music.

Ok… Journey starts from where; artiste gathers money for months to pay studio session, after he makes a beautiful, prospective hit. His next thought is to distribute the song to people/media organizations that would play the song, make it available for the public to get familiar with. After which same song can make it to the spotlight; thus his next destination is to contact Deejays, Bloggers, Media Houses, Bars et all, in this case no manager, no label, self-sponsored.

1. Artiste meets Deejay, Deejay says: bring 50k, & I would play your song for 1month, but Mr. Deejay wait! Do you charge D’banj before you play his songs? Do you know the support the 2Face Idibia, and P’ Squares of today got was what inspired them to write better songs and become one of Africa’s best today, if he keeps on going this way calculate 50k multiplied by all the top Deejays in Lagos ? ….where as it won’t cost Deejay the slightest stretch to include the song in his playlist, while playing the trending songs at events, public places or on mixtapes (Artiste gets discouraged).

2. He sends an email to Blogsite admin, blogsite admin says pay me 10k so that I can post your song for download and do online PR, you know I pay for internet connections too, burn fuel, and pay for domain registration bla-bla-bla – Artiste offers 5k!, web admin says: No Way!! ……… Mr Blogger na wetin sef, you rush to upload Wande Coal’s latest song did he pay you, accept the little offer from the artiste paying you to support his career? (At this point Artiste be like.. Mogbe!)

3. Radio Stations oh no! The presenters that come on air to claim angel & say “we support your dreams, stop by at our office and drop your songs”.. are the ogbonge billing machines.. (Not All though, but mostly). If you drop your song and refuse to follow up with a brown envelope in camera… you are on your own. Did you hear Sean Tizzle’s “Shole” on radio for 3 weeks+ continuously? Money is good!
(At this point when the artiste has tried all means, the desire to do music evaporates, inspiration weakens, and the gifted doubts his talent).

Another talent is killed, even if the artiste summons up courage to do another song; with the hope of seeing the spotlight at the end of the tunnel, same life cycle. I only feel the pain of the True talents, because the street is full of people who shouldn’t be singing but are into music.

Moral: Just go make enough money first, before you venture into your music career.

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