AYAYA GIST: My Parent never knew i was doing music - Kayode #BeHeardBeSeen - AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AYAYA GIST: My Parent never knew i was doing music - Kayode #BeHeardBeSeen

Nigerian Rapper, Baale Kayode, is a force to reckon with in the music industry. Baale Kayode is multi-talented, indigenous rapper and songwriter.

Baale Kayode spoke recently with Ayayamedia.com on his family, career, label, love life and many more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Ayayamedia: Who is Kayode

Kayode: Baale Kayode is a Yoruba boy that is from Iwo lga in Osun State Nigeria

Ayayamedia: How would you describe your music for the public audience if they have never seen you before?

Kayode: Salami Kayode Suleman as the full name, is an artiste that does hip/hop music and he adds little indigenous flavor to his style

Ayayamedia: Thinking back to early childhood, what was your first experience with music for the first time like?

Kayode: Wow!!!!!! Can u do it? How will your voice sound like? What will daddy and mummy say? That was the 1st challenge I was having. But it really went well because I really admire my experience that day

Ayayamedia: When did you first start singing?

Kayode: From childhood actually my daddy likes playing Apala music. But as I grew older I came up with hip/hop because my elder brother is a 2pac fan, The year I got inspired was in the year 2006, And I recorded my first track in the year 2007

Ayayamedia: Did your family always support your music career from the start?

Kayode: Hmm, Truthfully they never knew I was doing music, until 2013. When I told them it sounds funny to them because they always see me as that crazy son of theirs that always shout inside his room, But they never knew I'm up to somewhere., So being last year (2014), I told my parent that I will love to b attending music shows. That's when I and my father started little quarrel over my career, Because 90% of our parents today want their kids to be an engineer, doctor, lawyer etc., They never see music as option for me.

Ayayamedia: Lets talk about your style of music over the years?

Kayode: My style of music is unique. Because every day I try to make myself better. People listening to my latest single (nibolewa). people affiliate me with Olamide. But I don't see myself copying his style

Ayayamedia: Who are your musical inspirations?

Kayode: They are numerous to mention, but the person that first inspire me into music is our very own brother Sky.B. He made me believe in my Port Harcourt city and myself. I can still call on Da grin, nigga(mr)raw, ruggedman etc in Nigeria, Africa, In Europe, I call on 2pac,ja rule, fat Joe, jadakisses, bow wow and sometimes 50cent

Ayayamedia: Hmm nice one... What was the First Song you Ever Recorded?

Kayode: Sonia that's the title... It’s all about love though

Ayayamedia: Hmm interesting... You were recently spotted with some female fans....So tell us about your love life?

Kayode: Hahahahahaha (laughing)... Love?....Kayode is someone that like having fun with everybody....Truly speaking from the very first day I started my career I've not really engage in any serious relationship.... Am still single but..........

Ayayamedia: Hahahaha... Are You Signed To Any Record Label Or Not yet?

Kayode: Still working on myself and my education

Ayayamedia: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

Kayode: Let's not forget that I'm still chasing education. If I'm not doing music I'll be a computer operator engr/scientist.

Ayayamedia: Where did You First Perform as an artist?

Kayode: My first performance was in my street carnival

Ayayamedia: What’s your worst and best moments as an upcoming artist?

Kayode: My worst moment was d 1st day I wasn't giving d opportunity to perform on stage. One of my best moments is was the day I got and airplay in the radio station

Ayayamedia: Your latest Hit Single Nibolewa Is Now On Trending Everywhere, What Can You Say To That?

Kayode: Wow, seriously I'm really happy for my effort last year (2014). And I want to do more. I'm really happy for those that support me from the scratch up to this stage. I thank you all for believing in me

Ayayamedia: Tell us your thoughts on the Nigerian Music Industry as it is now.

Kayode: Nigerian African music is really improving. Due our collaborations with other top artiste all over the world. With the way davido, wizkid and co are pushing it. I can see that we are really heading somewhere.

Ayayamedia: What are your challenges in the industry?

Kayode: Every upcoming artiste challenge is source of income to further our Music promotion

Ayayamedia: What Should we be expecting From You this year Album, video, singles, tour Etc?

Kayode: Another single though. Concerning the video issue. I'm still working on that

Ayayamedia: What Advice Do You Have For The Upcoming Artist?

Kayode: Every artiste coming into the industry should tighten their sit belt and b ready for the race because the journey is not easy. Precisely we have thousands of good artiste, choreographers in the industry

Ayayamedia: Who Will You Like To Make A Shout Out To?

Kayode: My shout out goes out to all my friends, family and well-wishers that has been making my day and God bless us all.

Ayayamedia: It’s been interesting having Kayode in the building today, any final words as we wrap this up?

Kayode: Thank you u very much Ayayamedia.com for giving me this opportunity I really appreciate all u are doing for us.

Ayayamedia: Alright, we must also say a big thank you to you for giving us your precious time out of your busy schedule, and we also hope to have another wonderful segment like this again some other time & we hope to see you in greater places soon!

Kayode: Anytime! My pleasure.

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