Introducing: (an Online Information Security Magazine) ||@infoSecurityNig #BeHeardBeSeen - AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Introducing: (an Online Information Security Magazine) ||@infoSecurityNig #BeHeardBeSeen

Information security Nigeria is an online magazine launched with aim of creating awareness of the current cyber and information security threats to the Nigerian public.

Security awareness is an often over-looked factor in our society. The use of technology is rapidly increasing with individuals and organizations embracing it. As a result of this, cyber criminals are putting a huge effort to research and develop advanced hacking method to steal money and information from the general public. Furthermore the high growth in the usage of internet in the country and the limited security awareness among users is making it an attractive target for cyber criminals.

This online magazine will keep updating the general public on current security threat and their countermeasures so that they can stay secure on the cyber space. This will be achieved through our organized special programmes which include:

Up to date news on current trends on information security
Daily information security tips
Cyber security and laws of Nigeria and other countries.

Data protection.
Privacy concerns on cyber space.
Crimes on social media.
Protection of children and women on cyber space.
Investigation of cybercrimes– issues and concerns
Cyber forensic – technical cum legal perspective
Evidentiary issues in the area of cyber security
Judiciary on cyber security
Laws and concerns in relation to any -Selected/ Specific forms of cyber-crimes [such as hacking, cyber pornography, identity theft, spoofing, cyber stalking, software piracy, etc. Any one form of cybercrime can be selected as the focal theme of the paper]
E-security in banking system.
E- Commerce and cyber security concerns
E-Governance and cyber security concerns.
Providing / developing an alternative law / policy framework to secure cyber space etc.
Cyber Terrorism
Cyber Espionage
Cyber Stalking.
Social Engineering.
ATM security

Researches and Documentation, and so on …

Also this magazine will be organising annual conferences to address current security issues.

Our website is

You can join us on Twitter: @infoSecurityNig and on Facebook [infosecurity Nigeria.]

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