AYAYA GIST: Sleep with sponsor? No way! Queen Vivian Nnebedum speaks on life after MBMI #BeHeardBeSeen - AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

AYAYA GIST: Sleep with sponsor? No way! Queen Vivian Nnebedum speaks on life after MBMI #BeHeardBeSeen

Life of a model often gets complicated especially after winning a crown and it is not different with Onuimo Local Government Area of Imo State born Beauty Queen, Vivian Nnebedum, winner of Most Beautiful Model in Imo 2016. The Accountant cum model spoke to Chinedu Hardy Nwadike on how it has been with her since she won the crown, her relationship and plans in time to come.


How the crown changed your life

It has made me more confident because along the line a lot of people discouraged me. They told me things like ‘modelling is not for you and you can’t really attain that height’. Being able to win this pageant has actually made me understand that I can achieve anything I set my mind on. It has made me more confident and determined.

Why did they discourage you?

Lots of people have wrong perception of modelling. They feel it’s a waste of time and that I can’t really achieve anything here. I was discouraged by friends and family, but I thank God for where I am today.

How did they accept the victory?

They were all surprised and they’ve been congratulating me. As a matter of fact, some of them want to move into modelling because of my victory. Lots of them have called me to introduce them to agencies which I have done. It is really a great thing to see that my achievement is inspiring my friends and family members.

How far do you want to go from here?

I’m taking a break and not thinking of going for another competition. I want to go into fashion and designing.

Any area of specialty?

I am specializing mostly in dinner gowns. I am still training but looking forward to exhibiting at Abuja Fashion Show which is coming up in September.

I am very focused on that at the moment, and even when finance would be a significant challenge, I don’t think I will be giving up on that dream.

What will humanity gain before your crown expires?

I’ve already done a little project on 1st May; it was about Beggars Day and I gave them food and clothing, I’m thinking of going further by organizing a big pet-project that will benefit school children in Imo State, especially in my Local Government, Onuimo.

What is the project about?

It is an educational project and I won’t be going into details at the moment. It is something that will give students the opportunity to participate in an event that is similar to what they watch on TV and also lift their confidence, by boosting their self-belief.

How did you feel when you won the crown and a car?

I felt very very good and it has been a dream since I was fifteen. I have always wanted to be a Beauty Queen, winning a car and having my picture on the car. It’s actually a big deal to me and I hope to win more of it.

Did winning the crown and a car change the way you relate with your friends?

I am a very free person with my friends especially and I still mingle freely with them. I am a humble person, so the crown and the car did not change anything. They are still free with me and we still mingle like before.

Can being free, humble and Beauty Queen go together?

A Beauty Queen has to be humble. You don’t have to rude or saucy to people. It doesn’t portray royalty and the characters expected of a Beauty Queen.

Does your crown attract more men to you?

It surely does, but I don’t give them that space because I know what they want.

Is your man jealous of it?

I don’t really want to go into my personal life here, but any man with me must surely understand that this is who I am. Men will come and he must trust me, knowing too well that I will never cheat on him for any reason.

Sleeping with a sponsor

No way! This is something I will never think of. It might be very cool for some models but it is not my thing. I want people to support or sponsor my projects because they believe in it and not because they have slept with me. If I start it, how many sponsors will I sleep with to succeed?

Your last photo-shoot was more spiritual than artistic

There is nothing attached to it, it was all about fashion. I love serious photo-shoots. My manager was initially against it, but I made him understand that I am not just a Beauty Queen, but the queen of models in Imo State which means I would have to be a pacesetter in artistry.

Can someone still join the ‘corrupt modelling industry’?

The system is somehow corrupt but that’s what you get everywhere. You will always have the good, bad and ugly people in every sector, the person has to take a simple decision on his or her morals. You have to know how long you can go and what you cannot do. Some people are confused and usually fall into the wrong hands. Before coming into the system, you need to set your goals, learn and work towards it with utmost determination.

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