AYAYA VIEW: Can Dandizzy Burst Loose? – Husband Material writes. #BeHeardBeSeen - AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

AYAYA VIEW: Can Dandizzy Burst Loose? – Husband Material writes. #BeHeardBeSeen

The blogosphere of the Portharcourt entertainment has been agog with the news of Dandizzy's new contract and obviously a new track tagged "Bursting Loose".

In all my traverses in this stale industry that seem to be jerking out of coma, I have met the young chap over three times and the attributes about him that was so glaring and quite impressive still remains his unwavering love for pop culture, his confidence and his freestyle skill. One that dragged him out of the net of oblivion to limelight.

Before I digress and start handing out eulogies like Santa, what am about to write below is this real reason for this article.

Cadilly Entertainment? Does the name ring a bell? In a subtle way I think it screams YQ, Eddie Isaacs, Rave and a few other artistes whose career span has been of minion sizes. The record label gained prominence around august of 2014 and I could remember vividly how the news filtered into all my social media accounts, with very convincing headlines

YQ Signs Multi Millionaire Deal.
And what have they been able to do with YQ's career from that day till date? They succeeded in putting a plaque over his already dead career and nailed him inside the dead lyrics of his music. Then, Eddie Isaacs signed under same record label and almost instantly his signature crisp videos which I normally bragged about whenever am in the midst of industry heavy weights disappeared. He got stuck in the wind with his flute and an album that even the sound of a coin reverberated more than. Don't get me wrong, the album is not all jibberish, he scored a few points in it.

You ask why am ranting? I heard from a reliable source that Portharcourt's love child, the freestyle rapper we had rallied for has penned a deal with Cadilly Entertainment. Am I happy? Yes. Am I sad? Yes. I am happy that he proved one point I have been hammering on over the years which is "You don't need to go to Lagos before you get signed".

Why am sad? Am sad because as a record label, I have lost faith in Cadilly Entertainment, their managerial skill and the modus operandi with which they project their artistes. You see Dandizzy? If he makes it to big screen, it would be solely his zeal, the kind of music he churns out and not the label in anyway.

I am eager to watch him grow, I am eager to see him drop those dope bars that would speak greatly of the musical arsenal embedded in him. As we await the official launching, let's close our eyes and say a prayer for another Portharcourt music ambassador. Let our own abobi light shine.

                                                                                                                 Husband Material  

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