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AYAYAMEDIA - Be Heard Be Seen !

Be Heard Be Seen !

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

AYAYA MUSIC: Pop Stunna - Good Talk #BeHeardBeSeen

It's been almost a year since Pop Stunna officially dropped any material , since he last blessed his fans and the world with "Tha Bachelor". This time around, he is back for something new and different with his love themed single titled : "Good Talk". Good Talk is a very catchy and authentic piece filled with pure energy. On my third listen of this track, one thing that stands out is that Pop Stunna was really inspired to write this. From the catchy repetitive hook that will get everyone singling along, to the energy heavy verse, it's something you will want to play for your "boo". I am sure that will open the doors for more intimate conversation or some Good Talk like he described. In the hook he raps: Quotable Lyrics : Baby like the good talk Baby like the freak talk Baby like the naughty talk Baby like the sex talk Those are simple and easy relatable words, but the way he say them give them more power because of the extra energy and passion he pours into his lyrics. Another part of the song that I think will capture the audience attention very well is the bridge where he sings: I just feel okay, when I am with you You light my day, you are my boo For me personally, this song reminds me of someone that just lights up my day and make it better. I feel like a lot of people just have that special person in their life that light them up with "a new flame". And if you don't, maybe this will inspire you to find yourself one. All of these put into motion what this song is about and what it brings to the audience: relatability galore. Every part of the song, be it repetitive or a new line comes out with a new energy and feeling that puts the audience through different emotions with a love one. This has been something I have been expecting from Pop Stunna, since he dropped "Supernova". That is still one of my favorite releases from him. However, Good Talk is making that hard as I listen more and more to it. This is a jam! It is fresh and it is hot!
Listen, Download And Share Your Thoughts “(Pop Stunna - Good Talk)” Below;

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